Everyone Walked Right By This Crying Dog Stuck in a Gate – Now Watch Who Shows Up On The Right


One dog found herself in a tricky situation. She got stuck between the metal gate’s bars. Nobody was willing to get close to her. She appeared wild and the neighbors feared she would bite them. They sought assistance from Animal Aid.

The street dog was trapped in the metal gate with her head, and front legs were on one side. The hips were on the other side of the gate and she struggled to free herself unsuccessfully. Fortunately, the rescuers arrived in good time.

The man patted the dog’s head to calm her down as they pulled her out.

The rescuers took the dog to the rescue shelter. A vet treated her and given a clean bill of health. The dog has a new temporary home full of love and she looks happy. We wish to thank Animal Aid for their selfless act.

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