Big Sister Tightly Holds Her Brother So She Can Help His Seizures Go Away


Mia, a kind woman, decides to adopt a dog named Tido, who lives a dark and dirty life in a sad cage. Returning home, Tido meets Mia’s other dog, Sola. From then on, they both became good friends and never left each other’s side.

Tido was just a puppy when he was adopted and needed a mother, and Sola did just that. One day, Mia took Tido to the vet after his first seizure, only to find out that he had contracted canine distemper. The vet said Tido only had a 5% chance of survival, and Mia was very upset.

Due to treatment, Tido and Sola had to be separated, with Tido remaining in her room while a heartbroken Sola waited outside.

Sola never left the door of the room because she knew Tido would need it. One day Tido had another seizure, so Sola hugged him tightly and the seizures subsided. How sensitive! Watch the video below.

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