She Drenches Her Paper Towels In Baby Oil. The Result


Money-saving life hacks are definitely our favorite kind! Who doesn’t love to save a little dough every month when buying the essential items? We all do!

If you’ve got a new baby in the house, you know that, while they are super adorable and lovable and the greatest thing that’s ever happened in your life, they can also be very expensive. From diapers and new clothes to food and formula, babies can put a huge dent in your bank account.

So we can all thank YouTuber MoneySavingQueen for her super helpful life hack video that teaches us how to easily and inexpensively use baby oil and good quality paper towels to make homemade baby wipes!

You’ll see that the process is very simple to do, and you’ll really only need a large bowl, a roll of paper towels, a bit of water, and some baby oil. It helps if you have some Tupperware containers to store the baby wipes. In the description, she says they are “not only cheap, but also safe for baby,” which is a must for anything coming in contact with your child’s skin.

Now, keep in mind that she does say that the quality of the paper towels does make a difference, so if you’re going to spend a little more money on one part of this equation, that’s where you should do it.

It’s a great money-saving tip that could be a big help to families with new babies (or babies on the way). So before you head out to the store for baby wipes, give this method a try first!