Granny Doesn’t try to Ridiculously Walk Down The Hill


Sharon Martin of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, posted a scene online when her mother took care for a dose of laughter on the snow.

The grandmother made many online users laugh with her failed sledding feat, and the video is already a real success on the Facebook social network.

Sharon Martin,Facebook

To date, the video has garnered more than 14 million views in just two weeks, with a playful grandmother providing a dose of laughter. She was determined to sled on the snow herself.

Unfortunately, she ran into problems while trying to sled down hill, and there’s really no shortage of laughter while watching the video. Many online users wrote that the grandmother made their day a lot better.

Take a look at the feat of the brave grandmother, who in recent weeks has decided to sled on the snow herself. Will she make you laugh too?