12 Nuns Raise Their Arms Toward Heaven – Then The Music Changes And Internet Can’t Stop Cracking Up


Millions of videos where people singing and dancing are circulating on the internet, and it seems like nothing is new. That’s why we had to share this one with you.. We bet this video is none like you’ve seen before..

We know that nuns are those proper religious women who don’t seem to have much fun. The sisterhood is considered to be quite rigid and certainly not a place where you’d learn an energetic dance routine!

However, these sisters are out to break down all your stereotypes about nuns.

The sisters decided to get together and show everyone that not all who are devoutly dedicated to their religion have to ignore the pleasures of having some good, old-fashioned fun. They reserved a space at a local recreation center and got ready to put on a show.


The nuns choreographed their very own zumba routine! In a stunning recreation of traditional hymns.
At first, they were slow, but they are about to reveal a big surprise for the viewers. Their incredible performance will leave you smiling for the rest of your day.

Suddenly, these sisters come to life! The music gets faster and their feet start tapping. They excitedly jump back and forth to the repetitious chant “I love him!” with big smiles on their faces.


The slow moving dance routine turns by the end into an enthusiastic show of energy that leaves their audience rolling with laughter.

Watch the hilarious dance routine in the video below:

These radiant women prove that dedicating your life to religion doesn’t mean you have to forget having fun.

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