Excited puppy works hard to dig a hole in the sand – Now watch when the ocean fills it up again


Summer is coming closer. Laying under the hot sun and swimming in the fresh ocean, nothing can beat this amazing feeling. Not to forget enjoying the sounds of the winds and the waves hitting the sand.. I just can’t wait!!

When I was kid, the first thing I did when my parents took me to the beach is digging into the sand, I always thought that I would find a hidden treasure and sometimes my dad joins me in the fun, they’re the best times for me!

Angus the Golden Retriever here is just like me when I was a kid. In the video below, we can see him working himself out to dig a pretty nice hole in the sand. However, it seems he dug up too close to sea as a huge wave hit in and instantly filled his nice “achievement”. Check out how upset he is! Can’t blame him at all!

He must be wondering where the whole has disappeared and how the water got in there? The poor puppy worked so hard without getting tired. He’s furious but the only thing he could do is barking at those mischievous waves that ruined everything and going back to mommy to get some comfort.

I can’t handle how cute is his reaction.. I hope he will get it next time!

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