This video has won numerous awards and touched millions of hearts. I wish dogs could talk


If you’ve a dog, you probably wonder what could transpire between you two if the canine happened to gain vocal capabilities. What would you talk about? What would the dog say about you and what you’ve done for them? Would your cute canine thank you for taking care of them? What if they were in pain? Would they appeal to you to let them slide away peacefully? Here’s a video that could answer that.

For starters, this video is popular as it touches on the most pertinent emotion. It has won many international awards and featured in many festivals. Shawn Welling went a whole extra-mile in driving the point home. The visuals will throw you off-balance!

In the video on the next page, you see this guy finding a trash bag and opening it. He finds himself staring into the most devastating sight. You want to see this.