Family wakes up to strange noise every day at 6am – Secret footage has the internet in fits of laughter


Anyone who knows anything about cats also knows just how much those little creatures love to be in control. A cat sees itself as a little lord of the house, and nobody will try proving otherwise!

For this family, the cat is the time-keeper. Well, this cat must have grown tired of “lazy” people who sleep in past 6 am when they’re supposed to be up and walking around in the house, so he comes up with a tactic to set things straight.

After trying scratching the doors to get the sleepy humans to get up, he figured that this method wasn’t effective, so he devised the perfect weapon – noise!

On this occasion, you see the cat just outside the bedroom. Since the people inside have decided to lock the door, the little feline figures that he can still start his early morning performance outside. Luckily for us, the humans had fixed a camera to catch the cat in action. This is as hilarious can get. I can’t stop laughing!