Mom confused when she sees her toddler out of crib, then watches baby cam and cracks up


The bond between animals and people can start at an early age.

Most dogs love their human siblings when they are introduced to them. Of course, there can sometimes be some jealousy, too, but as soon as that little human learns to walk and cuddle the dogs, they usually come around.

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That’s what happened to one family.

When baby Chloe was born, her parents were worried about how their two dogs would react to her. They hoped they would be her loyal protectors and best friends, but they were afraid that the amount of attention Chloe was getting might upset them.

As soon as Chloe as born, though, Colby and Bleu fell in love with her. As Chloe got older, the dogs realized that they could use her to get what they wanted. The dogs love to eat, and they wake up early to get breakfast. Sometimes, their human parents aren’t always awake to feed them.

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When baby Chloe came along, the schedule really got off, but Chloe was about to make it up to them.

As she got older, the dogs started to realize that she is a little messy and that can work out to their benefit. So, they started following her around the house when she was snacking and cleaning up after her.

They also found that if they sit under her highchair, she will drop them a bite or two of her meal. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident. They started to like Chloe even more. Chloe’s dad, Chris, explained:

“Colby parks himself under Chloe’s high chair every night. Lately, she’s gotten tall enough to reach into their food bin, so she scoops out kibble and drops it for them, much to our chagrin.”

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Chloe is just helping out her pets.

These parents should be happy that she is taking some initiative and caring for her pets. Most parents have to fight their kids to get them to do that. Chloe had a few more tricks up her sleeve, though.

One morning, Chloe’s mother, Nina, came out of her bedroom and found Chloe wandering around the house by herself. Nina was scared and shocked. How had she gotten out of her bed? She had never done it before, and the bed was made to prevent her from getting out. There is even a mesh screen along the side to protect her from falling out. Plus, Chloe doesn’t know how to open doors yet.

“We were shocked! How was she able to get out of bed? This is the first time she’s ever made an escape like this. Did she grow?”

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Chloe’s parents keep a baby camera in the room to monitor her at night, so they decided to watch it see how she was escaping.

To their surprise, the family dogs were behind the breakout. At exactly 6 a.m., the dogs came to Chloe’s room and helped her break out. The dogs opened the door and made quiet noises to get her up, and one even took her favorite toy and used it to lure her out of bed. Sure enough, Chloe hopped up to feed them.

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She was headed to the kitchen to scoop out some kibble for them.

Her mother caught her before she made it, or else the dogs would have gotten their breakfast on time that morning. These dogs found a way to make sure they get their meal when they want it, or at least they tried. If their adult humans weren’t going to get up, they could count on Chloe to do it.

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Once Chris and Nina realized what was going on, they felt a little better and even had a good laugh over it.

They also knew they had to make some changes around the house. Chris explained:

“I knew we had to childproof our house. Guess we’ll have to dog-proof it too.”

Chloe still gets along great with Colby and Bleu and feeds them treats and some of her food any chance she gets. Her parents have now fixed it so that she can’t make any more early-morning escapes. It looks like these dogs will just have to wait for breakfast.

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