Mom Is Furious When Family Dog Stormed Into Bathroom Shower, Then She Found Her Baby Like THIS


Papillion was the name of the one two-year-old collie that Mindy together with her husband brought home. The dog was always destroying furniture in the house and that meant they were not happy with his behavior – as a result, they were about to let him go. In the year 1993, during summer, Mindy was at home with Papillion and Rachel, her 5-week-old daughter. Since the little girl was asleep, Mindy thought it was the right time to take a shower.

While taking the shower, she heard Papillion barking continuously and when she failed to do anything about it, he barged into the bathroom. Because she had watched some TV shows where some dogs had behaved in a similar manner and saved the day, she decided to follow the dog. The dog led her into the baby’s room and put his feet on the crib. You will surely love what happened once you watch the clip below.

The lips of the baby were blue and she was not breathing. Thanks to Papillion, Rachel is now alive and the family can’t think of the best way to reward him.

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