Students Stand Up For Body-Shamed Woman In Touching Video


People leave mean comments to each other all the time on the internet, but how would you react if people actually said those things to a persons face. Stuart Edge and UPTv teamed up to spread awareness about the online bullying epidemic that has plagued our country.

Hidden cameras were set up and an actress was hired to to pretend to ask directions to a gym on a college campus. Another actress was hired as the “bully” and was give a script of hateful comments to say to the other woman. Each time the woman was harassed for the way her body looked, a kind stranger stepped in and protected her.

This video was very eye opening and really helps us understand that we should never say things on the internet that we would get in trouble for saying in person. It was so inspiring to see multiple strangers speak up on the actress’ behalf. What an amazing video!