He’s Relaxing On A Sunday Morning, But His Pets Are Up To Something


So you work all into and to the end of the week, and then the weekend comes. Now all you want is just to relax and have some good time. You might be in a good mood to watch some news or even a movie or something else to keep you relaxed. But what if you happen to own some pets that just won’t give you any space? Now this video is just hilarious!

John Thawley is trying to have a Sunday morning all relaxed and watching the news, but he happens to own a dog and a cat that seem to love him a little more than they love his freedom, so when he’s trying to get his time, the little buddies, Henry And Ellie, are trying to pull off some shows right on his good shoulders. This is so crazy!

The video is just too interesting to pass. You’ll agree that, although these pets might be causing a little nuisance, they’re just too lovely and cute not to fall in love with. See that!

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