A 23-Year-old Girl Learned that She had Cancer and Got Married out of Love for Her Life


Ashley Simraj, a 23-year-old Australian woman diagnosed with cancer, recently had a heartbreaking story.

It spread throughout the body and was incurable. Ashley was only a few weeks old.

At the time, her greatest desire was to get married out of love for her life. His strength was already depleted and he was taken to the altar in a wheelchair.

Despite her illness, she promised to remain faithful to her fiancé Jason Hale forever, and the wedding was full of emotions. Many cried, and the groom cried.

The story of 23-year-old Ashley has touched the hearts of many on the Internet, and your heart cries when the scene from the church appears. See what their wedding looks like.

Before her death, her angry father hit out at doctors who claimed they did not do a biopsy and told her it was a ‘wart’.

“She now has lung cancer, liver cancer, cancer in her chest and only days to live,” he told the MailOnline.