She Comes Home after 3 Weeks Away. Now Watch Her Horse’s Reaction When He Realizes It…


When a sacred connection is established between a human and their beloved domestic, it’s pretty impossible to break it. Many videos of the heart-warming moments when pets meet their owners for the first time again after a many years and still showing the same deep love towards them. This bond is beyond words and would be hard to describe it.

The owner of this horse was away for 3 weeks on a holiday vacation. It’s obvious the bond between these two was so special that her absence seems to affect the horse. When she was back home, the first thing she did is to see her beloved horse and gets her friend to record the reunion moment.

In the video, the woman is seen walking in the direction of the pasture where the horse is casually grazing. The moment her horse sees her, he immediately starts galloping across the field toward his owner whom he clearly missed. The recognition in the horse’s face and the excitement in his gallop was not to be overlooked. This is the kind of reunion that you only see in the movies!

Click “play” and wait for that moment the horse spots her from a distance. He can’t wait. He has to run. What love!

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