Group Of Teens Come Up Behind Elderly Man On Street Bystander Shook Watching Haunting Sight Unfold


One good deed deserves another. But sometimes, it’s not the person you did a favor for who will return the kindness.

It may be other people who witnessed your good deed.

One community witnessed the good deeds of a group of boys who helped an elderly man who fell down.

Their good deed didn’t just end there, though. They decided to walk the old man home!

One day in Caldwell, Idaho, a group of teenage boys were walking home.

They were a group of friends just hanging out and having fun–until they came upon an elderly man who fell down the side of the road.

The elderly man, Jose Gomez, had been struggling with his walker, until his legs gave out and he became unbalanced.

He fell on the ground. A younger man would have been able to pull himself up, but this older gentleman didn’t have the strength to stand on his own two feet.

Thankfully, the group of boys had seen the elderly man’s struggles.

They helped him stand up, but they didn’t just leave it at that.

When they realized that it might happen again, they decided to accompany the older man home.

Unbeknownst to the boys there were several witnesses watching them from afar.

Erika Tovar saw the boys leaping into action before she could cross the street to help out. So, she decided to document their kind deed instead.

She took pictures of the boys act and uploaded them on social media so that the boys’ kindness would be recognized. She wrote on her Facebook account:

“Shout out to these young boys for helping an elderly man off the ground after he fell and walking him home.”

The post was initially shared more than 700 times, and because of that a local bakery decided to reward the boys for their kind deed.

The Sweet Spot Bakery promised to treat the boys and the gentleman to some of their delicacies.

People supported this endeavor and helped find the teenage boys.

After the boys were interviewed on a local news station the bakery managed to contact the teenagers and deliver on their promise.

The “Caldwell boys” gained some fame because of their deed, but they remained humble and reiterated that they didn’t do it to get rewards.

People hope that their story will inspire the rest of the youth in Caldwell to follow their lead and help anyone they can, without seeking a reward or something in return.

No good deed should go unrewarded, yet we should also remember to pay it forward.

Source: faithtap