Figure Skating Pair Takes Audience’s Breath Away, As They Try Unbelievable Move No One Saw Coming


The moment figure skaters duo Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov stepped on ice, no one had a single idea about what they were going to do. Their routine full of risky and heart-stopping moves just took the whole audience by surprise.

everyone in the stadium knew how much these two are talented. When they first created the team in 2010, their talent only keeps growing year by year stunning people all over the world with their amazing ice routines.

In the video below, the duo is nailing every single move they make on the ice. The audience is absolutely fascinated by their grace and flawlessness. As they keep sliding their feet on the ice, the moves are getting more and more complex and the jury couldn’t help but admire their talent.

Even the announcers couldn’t hold back their amazement watching their performance: “The atmosphere is electric!” Just as the audience suspected, their performance was golden, yet every movement required precision in order to complete in first.

The duo has both interesting records in skating before working together, so when they decided to make a team, we can only say that they complete each other and that’s exactly what they did so far in this performance, the timing, precision and emotions are perfectly displayed in every second.

There is no chance of a mistake, one wrong move and they will lose the gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. They have their eyes on the medal and they believe in each other, so they keep their routine going strongly and the judges can’t believe their eyes.

This perfectly performed routine was accompanied with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”. By the end of the performance, everyone is sure this duo is the winner and they totally deserve the gold medal, but the decision is up to the jury.

Their ending move made everything clear. It’s truly astonishing!

Watch as these skaters make history, and the ending that will bring you to tears, all in the video below.