He Ties a Rope to His Shovel, Shows Everyone The Easiest and Fastest Way to Clear Snow


Snow can be wondrous and magical till it is on your driveway. We all know that snow is not conducive to safe driving. YouTube user L.Kanovaros explains how to get rid of the unwanted snow. His idea is to get rid of the snow without hurting his back. Let us face it; getting rid of that stubborn slush is your work and not that of your 16-year old daughter.

The first step is using the right tool for the task.

Our instructor ties a piece of cloth from the handle to the base. It should be loosely tied. It helps maintain a good grip.

Using the technique, your shovel moves with you. It is efficient compared to using a traditional shovel. The improvised shovel easily pivots and moves back and forth with ease. Additionally, it makes dumping a lot easier.

How do you avoid back pain? Back pain is one of the primary reasons why people hate shoveling besides the extreme temperatures. To learn how to create a shovel –rope and tips on avoiding back pain, watch the video below. It is time to get rid of that snowy anxiety attack.