Mom Asks If He Ate Food Off The Counter, His ‘Admission’ Of Guilt Has Internet Dying Of Laughter


This dog is guilty and he knows it, with adorable results.

Dogs are the closest things to angels that we can find, but they can occasionally be a little naughty as well.

They are pretty well known to make the most dramatic apologies after they are caught doing something mischievous.

There is no doubt that the internet is filled with hundreds of thousands if not more videos of animals in a range of situations, but nothing beats the cuteness of a guilty dog. One video, posted by Leah Delerme a few years ago, is certainly among the most adorable you will find.

Meet Miller. At first, this pooch looks innocent enough. But when his owner asks if he had eaten from off the counter, he tries to avoid eye contact. When she keeps asking him, he ultimately breaks down. He admits to his crime with a huge grin on his face. Perhaps it was his way of confessing, and trying to look cute to avoid any punishment.

His mom is used to all his expressions, so she instantly knew something was up. Her hunches were spot on!
Near the end, Leah declares Miller “guilty” and he certainly looks the part.