Dogs Wait 9 Long Months to Meet New Baby Brother – Now Watch What They Do When He Finally Arrives


While dogs will remain man’s best friends forever, it doesn’t escape anyone’s attention that they also happen to harbor quite some love for kids. In fact, you’ll agree that kids have a really good connection with the dogs in the house – sometimes much better than other family members. With that, you can’t fail to notice just how patient these dogs must have been. They waited for a cool 9 months!

Turns out, a new baby brother was on the way, and these dogs were all ready to shower the little prince with lots of love the moment he showed up from the heavens. You see, there’s something about this special dog-breed that makes people love them. Weimaraner dogs are the friends to have in the house!

After the long wait, the prince finally showed up, and now these dogs can’t “get their hands off him.” Licks, hugs, some doggy laughter, some kisses and all that. This kid is truly loved. I feel it already!