Dog Gets a Puppy For His Birthday. His Priceless Reaction Has Already Been Seen 5.4 Million Times


Rhett Barkley is an adorable Golden doodle. It is his birthday and he is about to get a surprise of a lifetime.

Rhett’s family was ready for a second dog and thought it was wise to get their dog a playmate.

Rhett’s owner calls him into the room. The new puppy is safely tucked in a box. Rhett can sense something exciting is about to happen. He barks in anticipation. Even when the owners try to calm him, the dog is too excited to keep quiet.

Rhett notices a box sitting across the room. He begins walking stealthily towards the box but the wood floors make it difficult. The curious dog wants to see what is in the box.

Rhett’s owners open up the box. Inside is a Goldendoodle pup. The little pup wags her tail as Rhett gives her a closer look.

It is a chaotic moment for both dogs but they soon warm up to each other. Scarlet, the pup gets out the box and starts bouncing around Rhett. It is not long before the two start playing together on the grass.

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