Sneaky cat trying to steal chicken drumstick from its owner in a truly hilarious attempt


A friendly cat can be a huge adorable addition to your household as it typically seeks out for affection and has an outgoing personality that makes it a great companion.

But what does it mean when your cat suddenly being friendly, especially when there is a chicken drumstick on the table?

One Facebook user caught his cat’s antics when it suddenly became affectionate towards him in a sneaky attempt to steal his chicken drumstick

The cat obviously had a whole different tactic to steal the scrumptious meal; he pretended to love being cuddled and lick its owner gently before it inches its way to get the chicken leg!

Unfortunately, his owner noticed the cat’s sneaky attempt and before it could reach the drumstick, his owner told it off!

“No!” said his owner who was apparently not fooled by the cat’s fake affection

However, the cat tried again after the first attempt failed. This time, it waited for his owner to get distracted

Do you think the cat could steal the drumstick at the end of the video?

Watch the hilarious video of the cheeky cat trying to steal his owner’s chicken leg here