Woman Receives Mysterious Amazon Packages In The Mail. She’s Confused Until Her Parrot Speaks.


As you know, people use the word “bird brain” to suggest that someone is an unintelligent, shallow individual. However, there’s nothing unintelligent about parrots. They have incredible speech and memory despite having minimal brain mass. For birds, that’s substantial.

Interestingly, one woman, Corienne Pretorius, had $14 worth of gift boxes arrive in the mail one day, ones that she knew she did not order. Later on, her talking African Gray parrot, Buddy, gave her significant hints that led her to believe what was honestly going on in regards to the mystery Amazon purchase.

Corienne, after the order had already arrived, found out that her parrot had learned how to use her Amazon Alexa — a voice-operated system that can answer questions, respond to commands, place Amazon orders, and the like — when she walked in on him one day talking away with the device.