True Friendship’s Meaning Is What The Rescue Team Learnt While Rescuing the Inseparable Strays


Ann Hart thought she was going to have a smooth ride when she went into East Los Angeles’ streets to rescue two dogs which had been abandoned. Upon throwing some food into the sidewalk, the two went after the food at the same time.

It was evident that the two were working as a team. Whenever Annie approached the male to try and comfort it, the female ordered the male to get back. To successfully rescue the dogs, Annie knew she had to come up with a different plan. To ensure the pair never ran off, the female dog needed to be the first to be caught.

A baited cage was set up by the rescue team and waited until it entered inside. Though they had to conduct a number of tries before they could manage it, the female was eventually fooled. To the surprise of many, the male never wanted to leave the female’s side once it had been trapped. They effortlessly took him away in a manner no one expected could end up being the case.

Love and devotion is what can be concluded from the way the two relate. After being given the necessary attention, Chandler and Monica (as they were named) are looking forward to having a new home.

You can learn more about the two by checking up with the Hart & Hands, Paws and Hearts; a body that is offering the happy couple foster care.

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