Cat spots a mole climbing out of his hole, does the funniest thing to block him in


If you ever wondered about anything between cats and moles, now is the time to put everything at rest. The truth is finally out!

The thing is, as much as cats may be curious about most of the stuff going on around them, they also have quite a liking to spoiling “other people’s” parties. You’re about to run into some hot evidence, and it’s so hilarious that it’s going to get your ribs cracking hard!

So here’s this cat going about his curiosity business when he suddenly comes across something that captivates his attention. The object of interest in this case is a certain mud hole that seems live. Well, the mud hole is moving, and this cat is now in the business of establishing exactly what’s going on here. When he finally does, he pulls a fast one!

Turns out, there’s a mole in the hole, and the little creature is seeking a way out, and that’s what causing the movement. However, the cat doesn’t have any soft spots for moles, and the next thing you know, he’s pooping on the whole damn thing. This is too spicy to skip!

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