Lauren Allred stunned the BGT judges with her song ‘Last Thing I’ll Ever Need’


Lauren Allred, 32, also reached the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2022, where she co-starred with last season’s winner.

With her beautiful performance, she captured the attention of all the judges with her original song.

Lauren Allred also performed at the final of the BGT 2022 show, presenting her first song “Last Thing I’ll Ever Need”. The song, which was uploaded to YouTube, has already been a huge success and has been viewed by over 1,600,000 people to date.

During her audition, Lauren surprised the judges by revealing that she voted for the cast of The Greatest Showman. She sang the film’s title song.

Listen to the beautiful voice of 32-year-old singer Lauren Allred in the final of the British Talent Competition 2022. Will she also win you over with his voice?