Horse Gives Birth to Extremely Rare Foal – Take a Closer Look at The Filly’s Special Face Pattern


There’s no denying that a horse can be born with any of the many facial patterns on their face, but it takes a very special soul to rock the pattern of the Medicine Hat. A brief look into history reveals that Native Americans had a soft spot for such gifted horses. They believed that a horse with a Medicine Hat pattern on its head possesses some magical powers that guards its rider from all harm, even in battles. That’s interesting!

To start with, this pattern is very rare. You can bet that thousands of people will be looking for this horse. The owner named the little one Coconut. She runs around to enjoy herself as she gets introduced to life in this world. Her mom loves her so much, and she’s isn’t about to let her baby run around without close protection. See how the big horse keeps up with the small one. This is just lovely!

Watch the full video and love it.

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