Tennessee Woman Jumped into Frozen Pool to Rescue Dog


In recent days, a video from a surveillance camera in a frozen pool has been posted on YouTube, showing the woman’s courageous actions.

Her dog fell into the water through the ice and found no way out of the water.

Seeing this, the owner undoubtedly ran after the dog. He jumped into the icy water, looking for a dog under the water. Unfortunately, at first he did not find her, so he left the pool to see where the dog was under the ice.

She quickly jumped into the pool and soon found her dog. When she pulled her out of the water, the dog nearly fainted. After that, he took her home to warm the dog, and her rescue became a real sensation on the Internet: to date, the video has gained almost 2 million viewers.

Watch the daring actions of a housewife who no doubt threw herself into the icy water to rescue her trapped dog from the pool. If she had not helped him, her dog would have suffered a cruel fate.