Pup’s Precious Reaction When He Realizes He’s Getting Adopted


This shelter dog loses it when he realizes he’s getting adopted. And watching his reaction has my heart doing flips!

Poor Benny was always known as one of the shiest dogs at the shelter. And his timid demeanor was understandable. Animal shelters can be pretty scary places for the animals who wind up there.

Benny needed a good home. But no one knew when, or even if, that would come through. And so, when Benny spotted one of the shelter workers coming his way with a leash, he didn’t know what to expect. The shy, frightened pup tried to hide.

But as it turns out, the worker was there to take Benny out of his cage for the best possible reason. A loving family was there to bring Benny home with them.

And once Benny realized he was being adopted, the shelter dog totally lost it!

Shelter Pup’s Reaction Goes Viral
Thankfully, someone at the shelter was filming the whole thing. And watching the shelter dog totally flip out couldn’t get any cuter. His tail must be wagging a mile a minute. Benny’s joy is contagious!

When the footage made its way to social media, the video went viral in no time. Benny’s reaction was so amazing, it captured hearts all over the Internet!

Benny’s heartfelt reaction is also a powerful reminder of why adopting a pet from a shelter is so worthwhile. And we’re so glad he’ll finally receive all the love and attention he deserves!

Source: godupdates