Man Wades Through Alligator-Infested Floodwaters After Hearing Tiny Cries Coming from Dark Forest


The devastating effects of the hurricane in Louisiana have displaced both humans and animals.

One bird watcher was at the right time at the right place. The man had some tiny cries emerging from the algae-infested water in a Louisiana swamp. However, it was impossible to spot the animal that was crying for help.

The man decided to water in the waist-deep algae-filled water to save the animal. Randall Kolb, also known as the Cat rescue Guy was behind the precarious rescue mission.

Fortunately, the cat managed to shield itself on the trees after the hurricane waters rose. Someone noticed the cat and called the local animal rescue shelter.

There was no way out for the cat to escape. It was stuckin the trees and the deep waters of the swamp. Kolb used a pole to test the depth of the water so that he could safely reach the stranded feline. The cat was relieved to see its savior but it appeared stressed and frightened.

Kolb had to look out for alligators and snakes in his attempt to rescue the cat. Fortunately, Kolb managed to rescue the cat.

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