Preschool Teaches Kindness As Part Of The Curriculum To Help Kids Grow Into Well-Rounded Adults


I’ll let you in on a little secret. Before I became a writer and small business owner, my plan was to teach at the elementary level. I finished my bachelor program with ease but never went on to earn my credentials because my life had other plans. Throughout my program, we’d be frequently asked the question, “What’s your teaching philosophy?” In a nutshell, I wanted to lead a classroom driven by optimism, a growth mindset, and most importantly in a world where bullying and hate are all too common, empathy.

It turns out, there’s a preschool in New Jersey called The Learning Experience whose curriculum aligns well with my philosophy. One of their primary goals is to teach their little ones what it means to be generous and kind to others.

According to Lynn Ann Zazzali, the owner of The Learning Experience, “It’s not how big or small you are, it’s the size of your heart that matters.”

By teaching children at an early age to have a good heart, the early childhood program can help reduce childhood bullying, improve children’s social connections, and encourage altruism.

In fact, the preschool is partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, partly to teach their students the value of giving back.

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The Director of Communications at the New Jersey Make-A-Wish Foundation, Michael Dominick, states, “What inspires us is when we see children helping children. We applaud and admire what The Learning Experience is doing and continues to do for Make-A-Wish. They are teaching the future leaders about giving back and how important it is.”

Amanda Reider is one happy parent of a child who attends one of the many preschool’s New Jersey locations. Seeing how her daughter interacts with her peers in preschool melts her heart, and she knows she made the right decision to enroll her.

“She is so loving and kind and she wants to be everyone’s mother and take care of them. I can see it with her classmates, giving hugs, saying good morning, it’s so sweet.”

Apart from teaching the children in their program about goodwill, other aspects of the New Jersey preschool’s curriculum include allowing children to work at their own pace based on their development and providing opportunities for children to develop a healthy, active lifestyle. With an early education enriched with these key goals, The Learning Experience believes they can help create a strong foundation for the young lives they touch upon that will last for life.

Learn more about The Learning Experience in the video below. What are your thoughts on making kindness a part of the curriculum, perhaps even at high schools?

Source: Metaspoon.ABC 11