Generous Man Cuts In Line At A Restaurant To Pay For A Dozen Soldiers’ Meals


For a man and his son who were visiting a fast food restaurant called Jack’s in Holly Pond, Alabama, he figured a quick “Thank you for your service” wouldn’t suffice when he saw 12 uniformed soldiers in line waiting to order in front of him. According to Levi Lawrence, someone else within the restaurant, the man intentionally cut in front of the soldiers in line, offering to pay for each of their soldiers’ meals, in addition to his and his own family’s meals.

Levi couldn’t help but snap a photograph of the man and his son, posting it on Facebook along with the caption:

“Hopefully the people pictured won’t mind but shoutout to the gentlemen in blue with his son he saw all the uniformed military in jacks in holly pond this morning and proceeded to the front of the line and said I would like to buy all of their breakfast for them. He bought about 12 meals not including his own family’s. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU SIR!”

Since it was posted on October 4th, the post earned over 4,800 reactions, 3,700 shares, and 380 comments.

Because it went viral, it’s no surprise that the once-anonymous man ended up being identified as Jeremy Williams. While the man probably preferred to stay anonymous, and was completely unaware that his picture was taken by a stranger and posted up online, he certainly deserves positive recognition! Even if the man still remained anonymous, the fact that this story is getting out to the public as a positive example to others is good enough.

Both those who personally know Jeremy, as well as those who have never met the guy, are giving the kind man plenty of praise online.

“That is a great example for his son and for others. Thank a military man or women today,” says one.

Another commenter states, “We all need to be aware of these opportunities. It will bless your day more than theirs!”

As for another, they comment, “Not too many people step up and do this kind of honorable thing for our men and women in the service of our Country. You are a true American.”

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Source: Metaspoon