Touching Moment Sweet Girl Meets Her Newborn Sister For The First Time


With children, we never know how they will react when a new sibling enters their lives.

Erin and Dale were also expecting their second daughter, who did not know how their 6-year-old daughter Adalynn would react to a new life in the family.

Dale Benson , Facebook

A video landed online of a parents from Aiken, South Carolina, capturing the moment when their 6-year-old daughter, Adalynn, saw her barely newborn sister, Madison, for the first time in her life. Edin and Dale never dreamed what their first daughter’s reaction will be!

In the clip, we can see a little girl, Adalynn, when she was escorted to the room where her new sister, Madison, was born just minutes earlier. When the girl saw her sister, she caught many viewers with emotion. The scene touched her so much that she simply started to cry!

The video has reached just over 200,000 views to date, and the reaction of little girl Adalynn at her first meeting of her sister Madison will warm your heart without a doubt!

Source: KlipLand