Heartbreaking Moment Cat Drags Her Friend’s Lifeless Body To Safety


Many people say that puppies are the most loyal animals, and at the same time they call kittens selfish.

A year ago, a video landed online proving that kittens can be as loyal as puppies.

From Songbei in northern China, a video is coming in which we can see the kitten showing her unconditional love. Along the way, she spotted her dead friend, and with her gesture she quickly proved that kittens are taking care of other animals as well.

She did not want to leave her friend in the middle of the road, even though he had been hit by a car.

The kitten pulled her friend off the road and laid him on the sidewalk, all indicating that it was trying to save his life. Take a look at a scene from China that lets you know that kittens can also be very loyal animals!

Source: KlipLand