Boxer Pup Gets Uber Excited to Go For a Walk With His Owner


This Boxer evidently loves going for a walk. When his owner gets his leash and lets him know it is time, the dog begins leaping up and down as if his life has finally been made complete. This is the cutest video and is one that is loved by those who adore dogs and their exuberant behaviors. It is a joy to see this furry guy so excited to go outside and experience all it has to offer!

It is clear, the owner of this adorable Boxer never has to worry about pushing him into going for his walk. While he waits patiently for the sign, he then begins jumping up and down, much like a small child would at a candy store. If only we could all have that level of excitement when it is time for us to exercise! Check out this adorable video and Please SHARE on Facebook for all pet lovers to see.