Man Sets Up Messy Bait Trap To Catch Thief Stealing His Packages And It’s Hilarious


Revenge is sweet! While sometimes it’s best to just let karma do the work for us, there are times where we feel like we must take action ourselves.

It’s not right for us to take pleasure in watching others suffer; however, we tend to get a little rush when we witness someone finally get what they deserve.

For one man by the name of Tom Mabe, he was tired of his and his neighbors’ packages getting stolen despite living in what he would deem to be a good, safe neighborhood.

As just about anyone would, Tom was ready to solve the packaging-stealing mystery to prevent it from happening again and hopefully teach the thief a little lesson in the process!

Although Tom had a security camera installed on his doorstep, and he could certainly use the footage to report the incidences to the police, he decided to take the revenge up a notch by placing a bait box on his doorstep.

Tom filled the box with dog poop and set the box to explode after 40 seconds of being touched. Smart man!

In the video, Tom shows us a clip of a sample bait box exploding. So far, so good! Then it’s time for the real deal.

Tom places the box on his doorstep and then kicks back in his office with his wife as they watch the live video footage of the package-stealing thief getting his justified karma.

Sure enough, the criminal casually walks up to the porch, picks the bait package in one hand, and walks back with it to his partner in crime’s vehicle and drives away.

Both us and the homeowners start to worry as it’s assumed that the car will take off outside of the security camera’s view before we get to witness the poopy box exploding in the thief’s face.

However, the vehicle suddenly comes to a halt in the middle of the road.

The man pops out of the car throwing the box, utterly disgusted and shocked at what he just witnessed. That’ll show him not to steal people’s packages!

The thief gets back in the car, and the driver floors it.

However, little do they know that they were already caught on film, and the hilarious footage earned over 12,000,000 views so far!

Be sure to watch the bait trap footage for yourself below!