Man Holds Sign On Street Corner With Dog When Elderly Man Driving By Slams Brakes Realizing Dog Is His


Dogs are great companions. For practical purposes, they can be trained to guard the house.

But for many people they are more than just guard dogs. They’re part of the family.

One man knew this when he saw a stray dog wandering around town.

He volunteered to look for the dog’s owner so he stood on the streets with a hand-made sign and the lost dog.

On March 1, a brown Labrador was found wandering the streets. A couple of people managed to catch him, but it was Jason Gasparik who decided to actively help look for the owner.

A local resident of Charlotte, North Carolina with a soft spot for dogs, Jason decided to look for the dog’s owner by getting the dog chipped.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t registered, so he took pictures of her and posted them online, hoping to attract the attention of the dog’s owner.

One of his friends, Becky Richardson, took to social media to look for the dog’s owner. She wasted no time in finding the breeder through the chip.

It was great news! Finally, they could narrow their search. The breeder got in contact with them and gave them the name and number of the woman he gave the dog to, but it wasn’t easy to get in touch with her.

The woman did sell a brown-colored Labrador to someone who lived in the Charlotte area around five years ago, but she couldn’t remember the name.

The good news was that she recorded all her sales. The bad news was that she was on vacation and couldn’t access her records. She would be gone for a one more week.

Jason and the rest of the people concerned with the dog considered that a win though. At least by next week the dog would be reunited with her owner.

But Jason took an extra step. With a hand-written sign he stood on a street in Ballantyne with the dog for over three hours, hoping that the owner would be passing by.

And Jason’s instincts were right! The owner had been driving by, looking for his dog, Roxy.

As soon as the Labrador saw him, she ran to him.

If that wasn’t enough proof to show he was the real owner the man also had his paperwork as proof along with a ton of pictures of Roxy on his phone.

Jason helped the older gentleman be reunited with his dog. But the unexpected side-effect he wasn’t anticipating was to go viral on social media.

Not only that, but he got tons of messages from women complimenting him for his noble and heroic actions.

But Jason didn’t do it for fame or to get attention from women. In fact, he just got out of a relationship and is now taking things slow.

What was important to him was that the dog would find her home and thankfully, she did.