Cat Loves Sliding Across The Floor And Its Human Is Happy To Oblige


We are all well aware of the fact that cats want to be treated like Gods. But, we don’t mind that because they are one of the most adorable creatures who make great pets. They love hugging, and cuddling, and scratching, but this cat wants something else as well, and its really hilarious.

When her owner got the idea of sliding her down the hardwood floor, he didn’t think it will become her favorite thing to do. The cat enjoys the slide so much that she asks for more.

It’s totally hilarious how she positions herself for another slide, and her owner is happy to give it to her, because that’s what owners do, they make their pets happy.

This video will put a smile on your face. Once you see it, you’ll want more. I am sure that all cat owners will try to do this with their own cats because it seems like a nice new bonding activity.

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