Tiny Pup Has Hilarious Comeback When Mom Gives Him A Second Treat


On the surface, animals a part of the same species all seem alike. All dogs seem peppy, and all felines appear calm. Often, we place labels on certain breeds as well. We deem doves non-aggressive, bottlenose dolphins playful, and chihuahuas yappy. Anyone who has had experience raising animals at home or on a farm, however, knows that the latter are just presumptions. In reality, animals of the same species or even the same breed can act quite different from each other just like humans; they are certainly not carbon copies of one another.

The different mannerisms and variant personalities of our pets are exactly why we love each of them a little differently. When one of our pets passes, it makes perfect sense why we say no other pet could ever replace them. After all, every animal has its own behavioral patterns, characteristics, and traits that make them unique.

For the three-pound, seven-inch-tall registered therapy pup, Norbert, he has become so famous on the internet primarily because of his distinctive traits. Besides having a unique appearance due to his unusually tiny size and his mix between chihuahua, cairn terrier, and lhara apso, the sweet, friendly nature of Norbert makes him the perfect therapy dog. According to his owner, Norbert is also great at giving high-fives.

Still hungry and hoping to get another treat, the mixed canine sticks his tongue out again but no luck! Although Norbert couldn’t earn a third treat, his tongue action is just too cute for words!

Before you leave, make sure to watch the adorable pup in the video below. If you’ve fallen in love with little Norbert as we have, check out his award-winning children’s book on Amazon, and subscribe to his YouTube channel!