Woman smells weird odor on dog she just bought. Checks him out and immediately calls cops


Kelly Benzel decided to have her own dog, she was really excited to give a pup a loving home and make him part of her family. So she started looking for one and suddenly came across someone on Facebook who’s offering to sell Rocco a pit bull mix, he was doing it on behalf of the previous owners who had him only for a few months.

When she saw Rocco, she instantly fell in love with him and decided he’s the one to bring him home, she agreed with the person, paid him and finally went to pick the pup up.

On their way home, Kelly smelled a weird smell coming from the dog. The odor was so obvious that she had to pull over to check it out.

She had no idea she will be faced with a horrible sight once she took off the harness the dog was wearing. Kelly was furious but at the same time heartbroken to see a gash on the poor dog’s neck. It was a big one measuring 6 in. long and 1.5 in. deep and badly infected

She was so angry but knew she had to act quickly and get the dog some help. so she took of to the vet right away.

The vets treated the dog’s injury by putting bandages on the spot and gave him medicine to help him recover fast. They said that the harness on him had been there since he was young and it was becoming embedded in his skin. It is uncommon for owners to leave harnesses on dogs without taking them off for a period of time, the vet’s report said.

Thankfully, Rocco’s situation wasn’t serious so he was free to go home, but Kelly isn’t ready to let this happen easily. People behind this need to be punished.

Once she got home, she immediately spoke with the seller of the dog, he tried to bribe her by saying the previous owners would pay the vet bills, but Kelly called the local police anyway and informed them about the situation.

Rocco’s previous owners, Amy Shaw, 42, and Daniel Eisenach, 51 told officers they were “unaware of the dogs injury”. They also haven’t removed the harness from Rocco “ for the several months they owned him because they could not catch him in the backyard.”

The previous owners and the seller were charged and given a court date to decide what to do about the situation and on the day of the trial, the previous owners and the seller were eventually all charged with mistreatment of animals/causing death and were all given a $1,500 signature bond.

When you’re charged with mistreatment of animals/causing death you get a maximum sentence to 3½ years in prison so Rocco got the justice he deserves and now he’s living a happy and healthy life with his new family that loves him.