Child Rushes Up To Disabled Boy Near Swing, Mom’s Captured


Felipe Wendel and Augusto Barbieri are the best of friends. Wherever one goes, the other follows! However, their friendship is a little different than most people their age! Augusto is physically disabled and has trouble getting around without his wheelchair! Most of the time Felipe pushes his best friend around in his chair – but when they need to get up and move around, Felipe steps in to help!

Felipe’s kind spirit was caught on camera when the pair were trying to swing outside. There was no way Felipe was going to swing alone – so he rolled Augusto as close as he could to the platform, helped him get out of the wheelchair and maneuvered him onto the swing and into his seat! Although it took a little extra time and effort to swing with Augusto, Felipe wouldn’t have it any other way!

Felipe’s mom watched proudly as her son took the time to help his best friend get into the swing! We’re just thankful that she decided to grab her camera and start recording. This type of interaction is something that’s becoming the “norm” in today’s culture and it’s heartwarming to watch unfold. Take a peek at Felipe helping Augusto into the swing for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below! It’s clear these two are going to be friends for many years to come!