Beautiful Short Film Shows How Dogs And Cats Savor Every Moment Spent With Us


We know we enjoy having our pets around and that the feeling is mutual. We go on walks with our pets, we play with them, and they even cuddle up against us. Even for our pets that are more independent or less social, there are still moments where they show us affection. And for that reason among many, we often consider our animals part of the family.

We are aware of exactly what our pets mean to us. We know how they have changed our lives. But, do we truly know how our pets feel about us? How much of an impact do we make on them, setting physiological care aside? In a short film by Keith Hopkin entitled “Savour Every Moment,” footage of various cats and dogs showcases their true feelings and dedication for their owners based on the simple moments they spend with them.

In the first clip of the video, we witness two beautiful white canines glimpsing out the window. Not long after, the snow white pups break out the front door to greet their smiling owner coming home. This beautiful moment alone shows us the extent of loyalty our animals have for us.

The film also depicts scenes of dogs playing fetch with their favorite humans, a cat cuddling with a woman, and pets genuinely enjoying time both spent with and away from their owners. From each of these numerous scenes, we realize the big role our pets play in our lives and how big of a role we play in theirs.

But, there is something else we can take away from this short film: that our cats and dogs don’t only savor every moment they spend with us and anticipate on our next arrival, but they also savor every moment, period.

Source: metaspoon