Keith Urban Sings The National Anthem For The First Time, Leaving The Audience Speechless


Keith Urban is so talented and has been in the starlight for years now. Would you ever believe that he hasn’t sung the national anthem at game before now? I wouldn’t have either!

Your thoughts are right though, just like everything else he does, his rendition of the national anthem is just as wonderful. He stepped up to the mic before the Ducks vs Predator game and hit it out of the park! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this performance, now is the time!

Keith Urban has done it all right? Nothing seems to challenge him too much. And, this performance is no exception. As you listen, you’ll see that the crowd loves him here just like they do at any of his other performances.

With his voice on point and sounding very natural as he always does, he makes runs that would impress anyone. And, this game held in Nashville was the perfect setting for Urban since this is where is home is.

Urban was able to set the mood for the game with no problem. It’s not likely his fans will forget this night for a very long time, even forever! Check out this video and have a listen for yourself. It’s sure to get you in a patriotic mood or maybe wanting to listen to some country music by Keith Urban!

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