Teacher Works In Same School For 45 Years. When She Passes, Students Gasp Learning Her Real Identity


Some people on the planet would give everything they have to make sure others are well-taken-care-of. One such person was Genevieve Via Cava. For 45 years, Genevieve worked as a special education teacher. In her opinion, every day teaching at school was another chance to make a positive influence on a child’s life. Even though there were tough moments, challenging children and administrative alterations, Genevieve never lost faith in the idea of working with the kids who needed help the most. However, there was a huge secret she kept from everyone over the years. Not even her closest loved ones knew about her plan…


Genevieve carefully stocked away hoards of cash over the course of four decades. Every paycheck was split into bills, fun money and strict savings. No one knew that Genevieve even had savings – let alone, such a large account! All of that time, Genevieve was planning something incredible. She wanted to use that money to make a difference. There was no need for fancy cars, a big home or gaudy jewelry. With no children of her own, nor a close-knit family, the kids she taught were always at the forefront of her mind!

After Genevieve passed away in 2011 at the age of 88, her possessions were divided amongst loved ones and friends. But when the topic of money was brought up, everyone was blown away by what the will noted. After 45 years as a teacher and several years working with the district after her retirement, Genevieve amassed a small fortune. However, it was Genevieve’s plan for the cash that left everyone with their jaws on the floor. Learn more about Genevieve’s incredible kindness from beyond the grave here! What a selfless woman…