Musician Storms Into Children’s Hospital When “Cop” Interrupts With Message Going Viral


The men of GENTRI, The Gentlemen Trio, are back and this time they’re ready to bring us to tears with their heartwarming performance of a classic Christmas tune. They gathered a handful of precious kids in a nearby children’s hospital and asked them to be in their video for “Little Drummer Boy.”

The video that came from their collaboration is too beautiful for words. There’s something about the hope in a child’s heart – even during the hardest of times – that can remind us of what’s really important this time of year.

Before this talented crossover trio was famous around the world, they were singing in a small production of Les Miserables. The men formed a bond almost immediately – and at the urging of one of their wives, the three became an official group.

Now, they use their voice, faith and friendship to inspire fans. They told the Prelude Press that their message is one of hope and chasing your dreams:

“Everyone has a dream and often times the only thing stopping them from pursuing it is themselves. Life is truly a gift and we should embrace and learn from its challenges and learn to love and enjoy the moments of brilliance. It is a marathon filled with moments of hardship and struggle, triumph and celebration. We hope our music serves as a soundtrack to the lives of those who choose to listen to it – buoying them up when they are struggling and empowering them when they are succeeding…

At the core of what we hope to accomplish with GENTRI is inspire our listeners to become the best they can be regardless of where they are or what they do.”

That’s exactly what they wanted to accomplish with their video for “Little Drummer Boy.” Instead of relying on expensive graphics, editing and mixing, the trio simply walked the halls of a children’s hospital.

They knew they didn’t need fancy video tools to convey the message of the song – they just needed the love on their hearts and the children’s incredible spirit!

We can definitely feel their authenticity in this video. The men stayed true to their hearts and shed light on the meaning behind Christmas: love.

Watch their powerful video for “Little Drummer Boy” below. What an important message this time of year!