Dog Waits By Dryer To Retrieve Her Laundry. Everyone In Hysterics The Moment She Takes It Out!


Just like us, animals tend to have their rituals and responsibilities. Maybe your cat waits by the empty food bowl every morning for you to fill it up at 7 AM, or perhaps your dog retrieves the paper each time it gets delivered. For one Labrador, she dedicated herself to helping her owner unload a special load of laundry, and we can’t get enough! Abby the black Labrador’s laundry act was caught on camera for us to see, and the internet is in awe of the cuteness.

At the beginning of the viral video, Abby, who was already holding a stuffed animal in her mouth, was told to help her owner unload the rest of her toys from the drying machine.

Smart Abby, who knew exactly what mom was talking about, happily followed her to the laundry room and dropped her current toy on the floor to prepare to get more from the dryer.