Owner Plays Security Camera Suddenly Freaking Out Upon Sight Of What Dog Brings Into Home


When it comes to having a pet, owners know there are some things that will inevitably happen that are just out of their control. While they can do multiple things to make sure their dog is well trained sometimes little accidents happen. So when mom walked into her house to find it covered in water everywhere, she turned to her home security footage to figure out what had happened. Little did she know the unexpected sight she’d find on the security footage.

As mom began to sift through the footage she spotted the family dog, Winston, making his way inside the house from the backyard. Typically this wouldn’t be a problem, but this time around Winston brought back something from outside that he shouldn’t have. Winston had been outside enjoying some fun in the sun with the hose and decided he should bring it inside with him too. So as mom watched the footage she quickly realized Winston thought it was a great idea to drag the hose into the house.

Like most pet owners, mom was not happy to learn that Winston decided to have a water party inside the house. In the footage he can be seen playing with the hose in multiple areas of the house. He stays inside for about three minutes before exiting back outside with the hose clenched in his mouth – but by that point the damage had already been done. When mom posted the footage online jokingly stating “Who wants a free white boxer?!” other pet owners got a kick out of it! Yes, Winston was a very naughty boy, but he was having so much fun outside with the hose he just wanted to bring the party back inside his home with him. Who can blame him?! Watch the little bandit for yourself in the video below.