Dog Stranded At Gas Station For 2 Months Finally Gets Rescued


An abandoned dog, now named Gershwin, was recently rescued by the nonprofit organization Hope For Paws.

The rescue mission was all caught on camera. The intense footage is going viral all across the internet.

The story started to unfold when someone dropped off their dog in the middle of nowhere without any food or water. A Good Samaritan had noticed this dog living behind a gas station building and immediately called Hope For Paws.

They waited almost 3 hours for the rescue team to arrive. The rescue team went right to work when they got there. First, they tried to block the dog on a gravel path beside the building, but the dog escaped and took off.

The dog wouldn’t go near the rescue men and seemed terrified of them. However, Loreta, the woman with them was able to get close. The team knew Loreta would have to be the one to save Gershwin.

The other rescuer stayed in the car as Loreta approached him. Loreta sat down in the grass and waited patiently for the pup would get used to her. As soon as Loreta felt comfortable, she quietly reached over and caught him with the rescue leash.

Then, the 110 lb dog got really scared and tried to run away, dragging Loreta on the ground with him. But Loreta refused to let go. After some coaxing, Loretta and the other rescuer finally got Gershwin to calm down.

Loreta mentioned that her hands were shaking from the scary incident. After the rescue was complete, Gershwin hopped right into the rescue vehicle. A few on-lookers thought that the dog might have been there for at least 2 months without food or water.

Besides the hunger, they found out that Gershwin also had a severe infection in his shoulder. Thankfully, his treatment was a success and now he is completely recovered and healthy. But, he still needs a forever home.

I’m sure after this video he will be getting so many calls from people wanting to adopt this sweet boy! What an amazing story! I’m so grateful that the rescue team never gave up on this guy, even when it was tough. Praise the Lord that Gershwin is alright.