Rottweiler Goes in Labor in The Middle of The Night, But Then Babies Just Keep Coming Out


When Eleanor Usher found out that her Rottweiler, Jessie was pregnant with puppies she was ecstatic. Eleanor had no idea how many puppies Jessie was going to have and decided not to take the dog in for an ultrasound due to the cost.

As Jessie’s belly continued to grow, she was told that she should expect her to give birth to between 6 and 8 puppies. Three days before her due date Eleanor and her husband awoke to Jessie scratching at the bottom of the stairs.

When they went to Jessie she was in labor and had already birthed two puppies. Eleanor could tell that more puppies were about to be born, but she could not have guessed how many. When six puppies had been born Eleanor was sure that she would be done soon. However, puppies continued to be born. It wasn’t until 15 puppies in total were birthed that Jessie’s labor stopped. This was the second largest litter of puppies for in the UK!