Sheep Start Running On Icy Street, Watch The Hilarious Moment They Realize Road Is Too Slippery


When it’s time to head home, sheep will play follow the leader and take off in a single line leading straight to their destination. They are a tight-knit group of creatures and when one begins to move, the others will tag along, too. This natural tendency to follow each other works well for sheepherders who can’t spend their time chasing individual critters all over the place. In fact, some sheep producers rely on alpacas to help set the pace.

Alpacas are descendants of the South American camelid and while they are related to llamas, they are definitely different. Male alpacas are more aggressive and try to establish dominance in a group, which is why they come in handy for helping herd sheep. One day when a black-colored alpaca decided to head toward the sheep herd’s pen, it did not realize that their trip would be quite so adventurous. Their owner recorded their slippery adventures and shared it for all of us to get a good laugh at.

The alpaca’s long neck starts bobbing and weaving as the creature begins to lose its footing. The poor sheep following behind it in a line discover that it’s insanely icy. The sheep and alpaca slip, slide and wipe out as they stumble home. The poor things have no idea why they cannot catch their footing. Finally, they all reach those at the front of the line and are thrilled to be upright on all fours. Watch their hilarious tribulations in the video below. You can’t help but feel sorry for them while giggling at their plight!