is Owner “Forgot” to Feed Him – His Reaction When He’s Finally Given Food Is Breaking Hearts Everywhere


When the rescuers found Benji, he was a beaten soul. Benji had given up on life and was just waiting for the cruel death to plunge him into the afterlife. But that didn’t quite happen because some good humans showed up just in time. They saved his life!

Benji had been living in depravation – no food, no beddings, no love. He was always tied up and hungry. The dog was getting thinner and malnourished every day until he was on the brink of death. Had the guys from Sidewalk Special not showed up in time, Benji would be a goner by now. Sidewalk Special is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

They took Benji with them and nursed his wounds. They fed him and showered him with love. At first, the dog was afraid of even eating the food, afraid that the humans would attack him if he did. But he finally learned that these people were there to help him. The first photos of Benji are disheartening, but by the end of it, you’ll appreciate these people’s good work.

Benji now lives with his foster family and he likes it. Watch the full video here and please SHARE on Facebook. It’s such a story!